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Matt Sorenson
Matt Sorenson

South Austin Irrigation, LLC specializes in irrigation and sprinkler repair, including system restorations, alterations to existing systems, field wiring problems, valve replacements and backflow replacement and installation.

Our company can correct and repair any irrigation system problem you may be experiencing.

Contact us and we will quickly diagnose the problem with your system, suggest the right solution, then professionally install the right products to suit your budget and your needs. We provide all types of irrigation services. This includes: lawn and landscape irrigation, sprinklers, spray heads, rotors, valves, nozzles, controllers, rain and freeze sensors, leaks, broken PVC, double check valves.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Don't let broken lines or damaged parts problems go unchecked or cause even greater damages to your home. Protect your home and your investment.

Call us today at (512) 534-7449 or fill out our online form!

Please note: We are not doing installations at this time.

City of Austin Water Conservation

Tips on Conserving Water and Saving Money

Tips on Conserving Water and Saving Money

Austin area residents have faced Conservation Stage water restrictions for a long time.   This is not necessarily a bad thing as it teaches a sort of water discipline that is beneficial in good water times as well as bad.  Remaining in compliance not only avoids fines, but makes one a good steward for one of our most precious natural resources. How can you do your part to ensure that your family’s water usage contiunes to meet or even improves upon these standards? There are a few simple things that you can do personally to ensure that your children, and all the generations to come, will have enough clean water. Water Calculator Use the City of Austin’s water calculator to add up the consumption of your household or workplace. The water calculator factors in usage from showers, baths, toilets, doing dishes and laundry, lawn watering, swimming pools, and hoses. Read more…